¿Qué es el SICTED? (Compromiso de Calidad Turistica)


The Sistema Integral de Calidad Turística Española en Destino (Integral System for Quality in Tourism in Spain as a Destination - S.I.C.T.E.D. in Spanish), constitutes one of the most ambitious projects within the Plan Integral de la Calidad del Turismo Español (Integrated Plan for Quality in Spanish Tourism - in Spanish, P.I.C.T.E), and has been backed by the Federación Española de Municipios y Provincias (Spanish Federation of Municipal Areas and Provinces - F.E.M.P. in Spanish). It is a unique and universal model to control quality management in any tourist destination.

The most important characteristics of the S.I.C.T.E.D. are:

  • its flexibility and capacity for adaptation to different territorial areas and types of tourism.
  • its compatibility with other models of quality in tourism.
  • its capacity for serving as a reference, since it allows for comparisons of the levels of quality in destinations with similar characteristics.
The S.I.C.T.E.D understands the horizontal nature of quality in the tourist destination, which involves not only the sub-sectors previously developed in the Sistema de Calidad Turística Española (Spanish Tourism Quality System - S.C.T.E. in Spanish) with their own specific quality regulations (hotels, restaurants, travel agencies, etc.), but also the new sub-sectors which have not previously been developed (car hire firms, small businesses, etc.), as well as municipal tourist services (tourist offices, consortiums, convention bureau, congress halls), and municipal public services not necessarily related to tourism (public transport, Heritage management, cleaning, public safety, etc.)

This Plan is designed to complement other lines of work, such as the Plan for Excellence or the Plan for Revitalization, and means that a new focal point has been established for the improvement of the sector characterised by the co-ordinated management of the destination, the application of uniform quality standards across sectors and the introduction into the project of sub-sectors which are not necessarily related to tourism but are related to the quality of the destination. 


EATour Specialist has achieved the distinction of... Compromiso de Calidad Turistica (Commitment to Tourism Quality) and we are proud mender of ASTA (American Society of Travel Agents)