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Lugo is the only city in Europe with it’s roman fortifications still perfectly preserved. These are  15 metres high  with a 2 kilometre ring including 71 towers.  You can walk along these walls around the complete circuit.  The walls are from the 3rd century and have UNESCO world heritage status. The centre within the walls is pedestrian friendly with a series of vibrant squares packed with bars and historical sites easily explored on foot. There are fantastic views looking out of the city towards the River Miño where there is a roman bridge on the pilgrimage route from Oviedo to Santiago de Compostela, the Camino Primitivo, the oldest and original way to Santiago.

Walk along the roman fortress to the Cathedral where by Papal Decree the Holy Sacrament is permanently displayed on the High Altar. The Cathedral known as Catedral de Santa María dates back to 1129 and is close to St. James Gate (Porta de Santiago). Also closeby is an interesting Museum,Domus de Mitreo about the city’s roman period. The square to the rear of the Cathedral also houses the baroque "Palacio Episcopal", built in 1738 by "Gil Taboada". Within the gothic Convent and Church of St. Francis lies the Museo Provincial which houses a collection of Galician art. Take a stroll in Parque Rosalía de Castro (named after the famous Galician poet). Praza Maior is the main square full of good cafes.

Within the province of Lugo it’s worth a trip to see the  magnificent nature reserve Os Ancares where the  mountains rise to over 2000 metres with snow capped peaks, the land of bears and wolves. There are traditional celtic working villages at Piornedo,Balouta and O Cebreiro with ancient roundhouses and thatched roofs.  It’s in Piedrafita do Cebreiro where the Camino de Santiago enters Galicia and many pilgrims arrive there and stop to rest. There are some charming, coastal villages on the Cantabrian Sea with small fishing ports and secluded beaches worth visiting such as Ribadeo, Burela and ViveiroMondoñedo used to be in ancient times the old Capital of the Kingdom of Galicia and is worth stopping to see its Cathedral and caves at Rei Cintolo.  There’s  castles, monastries and roman remains at Monforte de Lemos,Vilalba and Portomarin.  Lugo is also the home for many famous and special cheeses like San Simon and Cebreiro, smoked and cured hams and spirits and liqueurs mixed with mountain honey and the coastal villages are also the best places to eat hake and tuna in the whole of the Spain. Some would argue that Lugo is the gastronomic capital of Galicia !

Population: 98,268 (2016)
Area: 332 km²

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Lugo, de Tapeo Food Tour in the Roman City


Vamos de tapas por Lugo! (Let´s go for tapas in Lugo). On this tapas tour in the Roman Walled city of Lugo which for many offers the best in Galician tapas, you will try tasty tapas paired with wines like...


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UNESCO Roman Walls, Cathedral and Old Quarter of...


Half Day tour with a private guide to visit Lugo´s UNESCO Roman Walls and its historic quarter. Discover with us Lugo, Lugo is the only city in the world to be surrounded by completely intact Roman walls...



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