Private Galician Cuisine Hands-on Cooking Class in Santiago de Compostela

santiago-cooking-class123.jpg Cooking Class in Santiago de Compostela
santiago-cooking-class.jpg Cooking Class in Santiago de Compostela
santiago-cooking-class34.jpg Cooking School in Santiago de Compostela
santiago-cooking-class32.jpg Cooking School in Santiago de Compostela
santiago-cooking-class31.jpg Cooking Class in Santiago de Compostela
santiago-cooking-class21.jpg Cooking Class in Santiago de Compostela
santiago-cooking-class7.jpg Tasting the products after the class
santiago-cooking-class6.jpg Cooking Class in Santiago de Compostela
santiago-cooking-class4.jpg Tasting the products after the class
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santiago-cooking-class1.jpg Cooking Class in Santiago de Compostela
santiago-cooking-class223.jpg Cooking Class in Santiago de Compostela

Half Day (Duration: 2h30 approx.)

Santiago de Compostela

Price from: 115.00 euros

Hands-on Cooking Class based on Galicia cuisine followed by meal based on what you have prepared with your chef at one of the best schools in Santiago de Compostela.
  • English Speaking Professional chef
  • Hands-on cooking class based on Galician Cuisine
  • Taste what you have made in the class along with Galician Wines
  • Enjoy a guided visit of the market with the chef



General Overview

Country: Spain
Region: Galicia
City: Santiago de Compostela
Duration: Half Day (Duration: 2h30 approx.)
Type: Half Day Tour Private
Theme: Culinary and Cooking Holidays
Group Size: 2 - 15 People
Price from: 115.00€


Hands-on or Demonstration Galician Cuisine  Cooking Class followed by Lunch or Dinner based on what you have prepared with your chef.

Galician cuisine is one of the main tourist attractions of Galicia: the exquisite delicacies of this region are based on the high quality and variety of the local products used in the preparation of dishes. Country, farm and sea products are unique in their characteristics and quality. Furthermore, it cannot be forgotten that one of the main pillars of Galician cooking is the professionalism of its experts. Galician chefs are found world-wide.

The importance of its gastronomy is manifested at the more than 300 gastronomic fiestas which are held in Galicia throughout the year. The origins of these exaltations to local produce, which arouse much interest in visitors, lie in the many local and regional traditional fiestas held during harvest time or religious holidays, such as the "romerías", where promises are made to the patron saint and then completed with a traditional meal. Some of these fiestas attract great crowds and have been recognised as of national tourist interest.

In Galicia, food tends to be simple and hearty. Potatoes, wheat, dairy, and meat products all feature prominently, and many of the most traditional meals have a very rustic feel. It’s the Galician desserts that tend to be more creative – but that’s still to come. First, here are some of the more traditional Galician dishes to try…

Seafood and Fish

Being a coastal region, Galicia is big on seafood and fish. It’s plentiful,and it’s considered to be some of the best in Spain. Most traditional dishes are prepared very simply, with just a few ingredients. Often, the fish or seafood are simply boiled or steamed and served with lemon. The emphasis is always on the product itself.

Hake fish

Perhaps the most popular fish in Northern Spain, hake (or merluza in Spanish) can be found all over Galicia. This is a lean, white fish with a low fat content – which is handy because it’s usually served up in huge portions. The most traditional dish is merluza a la gallega. This is simlpy hake is boiled with potatoes, served in a sauce made from garlic and pepper. It’s simple, but very tasty.


Also prolific in Northern Spain are scallops (vieiras). They are so common in this region, that their distinctive shells are used as the symbol of the Camino de Santiago. In Galicia scallops tend to be served one of two ways. You can have them steamed, plain, and served in a half-shell with a little lemon. Or you can try vieiras gratinadas, which are served with a lightly spiced breadcrumb topping.


Dessert in Galicia is all about almonds. Pilgrims following the Camino de Santiago brought the nuts with them centuries ago, and they’ve become a regional staple. Most famous of course is the Tarta de Santiago, but there are plenty of others besides. Many towns and cities have a signature dessert which is only found there, so ask around as you travel and see if you can uncover some secrets. 

Tarta de Santiago / Santiago Cake

Dating from the middle ages, Santiago Cake can be found in bakeries all over the Galician capital. Because of this, the cake has become a symbol of the Camino de Santiago.  Today it is frequently eaten by pilgrims upon arrival in Santiago de Compostela at the end of their journey.

The recipe is simple and very sweet. Ground almonds, combined with egg and sugar, are baked into a tart about an inch deep. The cake is decorated with the cross of St James by sprinkling powdered sugar over a stencil. 

Day by day itinerary

DAY 1:

  • Make your own way to the cooking school (details will be on the voucher)
  • You will meet your chef who will take you to the local market to show you and explain you the local products (fish, vegetables, meat, bread, pastries...)
  • Then enjoy a private hands-on cooking class with a professional chef..
  • Then you will be seated to enjoy the dishes you have prepared with your chef along with wines from the area.  


Prices and Dates

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  • English Speaking Professional chefs
  • 45 min market visit with the chef
  • 1h Hands-on cooking class with English-Speaking professional chef.
  • Recipes in English of the Menus prepared.
  • (L ) Lunch (Aperitif, 2 Main Courses and Dessert) with Spanish wine and recipes in English.
  • Local Taxes


  • Transfers not specified in the itinerary
  • Entrance fees not specified in the itinerary
  • Beverages not specified in selected meals 
  • Meals not specified in itinerary 
  • Passport & Visa fees 
  • Personal & Travel Insurance 
  • Tip and Gratuities to Teacher

Cancellation policy

  • Up to 72 hrs before: Fully Refundable
  • Under 72 hrs : 100% Non-Refundable