Basque Country
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The Basque Country is historically unique; its traditions, customs, culture and its language, Euskera, unrelated to any Indo-European language, are all unlike any other region of Spain. Euskadi, as the region is called in Basque, is a friendly land of hardy and independent but hospitable people. The region is composed of three provinces together with Navarra and part of southwestern France. The capital of the Bizkaia province is Bilbao (Bilbo), a great seaport and an industrial and financial center. Since 1997 it is the home of the spectacular Guggenheim Bilbao Museum, "the building of the century." San Sebastián, called Donostia in Basque, is an upmarket resort with amazing beaches and the principal city of Gipuzkoa province, and it extends like a string of pearls around the Bay of Biscay. It is a sophisticated city of great beauty and elegance with a cultural, social and gastronomic importance far in excess of its size. And Vitoria-Gasteiz in Álava is the inland apex of the Basque triangle, the region ´s political and administrative capital and seat of the Basque government. 

Irún to the far north-east is a famous starting point for pilgrims on their way to Santiago de Compostela on the Northern Way (Camino del Norte). There ´s Pamplona too with its world famous Fiestas de San Fermín and a stopping off point for pilgrims on the French Way. From the Pyrenees to charming Vitoria there ´s so much to do and see.

Great eating is another important reason to visit the Basque Country. Basque chefs are held in the highest esteem and the cooking of the Basque region has ardent admirers perhaps Spain ´s finest cuisine. It was here in the Basque Country that nueva cocina vasca -new Basque cuisine- was born, based on the creative use of the finest local ingredients. It exists alongside traditional Basque cooking that revolves around exquisite seafood -especially hake, salt cod, spider crab and baby eels (angulas)- all accompanied by the wonderful local white wine called txakolí. Basques share their good humor and kitchen wisdom in the region ´s famous men-only gastronomic societies. 

But the essence of all that is Basque can be better appreciated outside the cities, in the countless farmhouses, villages and small towns scattered over the mountains and forests of the countryside, and in the picturesque villages along the rugged coast, where the Basques ´prodigious fishing skills against formidable climatic odds have historically taken them as far away as Newfoundland. In rural areas native Basque culture has remained intact: in the sports and games like jai alai that highlight the energy and competitive spirit of the Basques, and in traditional fiestas in which Basque singers and dancers display great strength and dexterity. 

Population:  2.19 million (2016)
Capital:  Vitoria-Gasteiz
Area: 7.234 km²
Sources include: Instituto Nacional de Estadística , Google, Wikipedia

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Basque Country
Basque Country


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Bilbao, capital of Biscay and one of Spain´s leading cities, was founded in 1300 by D. Diego López de Haro, Lord of Biscay. Its original location was on the banks of the river Nervión, in what now is the Casco Viejo (the Old Quarter). Bilbao is world famous thanks to the Guggenheim Museum. One of the most famous art galleries in the world which has put the city of Bilbao on the map forever !.


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Private Pintxos (Traditional &...


Enjoy a tour of the best and most popular pintxo bars around locals with a local foodie guide. After you will enjoy a a short monumental walking tour thru the old quarter of San Sebastian


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Private Driver-Chauffeur Car or Minivan Transfers...


Private Chauffeur/Driver Car services in Bilbao, Basque Country. You can be picked up and dropped off from your hotel, airport, or a location specified within city limits. Choose from our selection of vehicle types (eg. Mercedes Benz E-Class Sedan, Minivan)



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Camino de Santiago Tour from Bilbao by Self Drive...


On this self drive tour you follow along the ancient French way pilgrimage to Santiago. Take turns driving and get a chance as well to walk independently scenic portions of the trail and savoring excellent cuisine and La Rioja's world famous wines...


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Camino de Santiago Tour from Bilbao Independently...


On this chauffeur-driven tour you will independently walk (with the support of a chauffeur) the most scenic parts of the ancient French way pilgrimage to Santiago and savor excellent cuisine and La Rioja's world famous wines..



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