Palma de Mallorca
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Palma de Mallorca  is the capital of the Balearic Islands and Mallorca’s main city. It’s a thriving,historic city with large mansions and fantastic Gothic Cathedral which towers above the Old Town and remains of the medieval walls especially when viewed from the sea and harbour. Within the walls lies much of the Island’s and city’s history : its roman origins,moorish influence from 9-13th centuries,reconquest by Jaume 1 of Aragón and its great economic rise in the 15th century as the main Port between Europe and Africa. Palma is also the main transport hub in which to explore the rest of Mallorca.

The best starting point is at the Cathedral (La Seu to the locals) which faces the waterfront as well as being the entrance to the Old Town. Gothic and spectacular in style and scale, it dates from the 14th-16th centuries. It’s interior is modern famous for the features designed by the great Gaudi himself. Its nave being one of the widest and highest in the world. Thanks to Gaudi’s design the Cathedral is flooded with light filtered by the large stained-glass windows.The Cathedral Museum is also worth seeing.

Opposite the Cathedral entrance is the Almudaina (Citadel), a fortress/residence of the Moorish Walis’  Caliphate (11th-13th centuries) and subsequently the palace of James II (14th century). In this fine example of civic Gothic architecture, attention should be drawn to the medieval bronze sculpture of the Angel Gabriel, keeping guard from its perch atop one of the four slender towers.  A series of elegant Gothic and Renaissance halls and rooms are to be found inside. It is the Spanish Royal Family’ s official residence on Mallorca, as well as being the H.Q. for the Balearics Military High Command.

Then there’s the maze of streets in the Old Town. One of the few reminders of its moorish past is to be found in the 10th century Arab Bath house (Banys Arabs). Nearby is the Mallorcan Museum. Housed in an old Mallorcan mansion (1634), its archaeological exhibits include prehistoric, Roman, Moorish and medieval artefacts. Paintings and sculptures are also displayed. 5 minutes walk away is St. Francis Church,  Palma’s best medieval churches dating back to the 13th century. Its Gothic cloister is considered particularly valuable, as is the Plateresque portal tympanum by Francisco Herrera. Outside is the statue of Friar Junípero Serra, the Mallorcan evangelist who took his message to California; and inside, the tomb of Ramón Llull, medieval mystic and philosopher. A few minutes away is the 13th-century Gothic Church of St. Eulalia is one of the oldest in Palma. Closeby too is the City Hall (Ayuntamiento) whose façade has a  style dubbed Palma Baroque (17th century), featuring an overhanging 3-metre eave. Inside, in the main hall, portraits of Mallorca’s most illustrious sons line the walls. Poble Espanyol, the Spanish Village,  is also well worth visiting. It is a living museum, which serves as a showcase for Spain’s architectural and cultural heritage. Over one hundred artistic monuments and buildings are reproduced here, reflecting different eras and styles in Spanish art down the ages.

Also within easy access head to the Bay of Palma (Badia de Palma) to hit the beaches and a quick swim. Bellver Castle dominates the city and its circular groundplan is a unique example of Gothic military architecture. Bellver means bella vista or beautiful view and, indeed, the view of the sea and city from the castle is quite magnificent. Originally the summer residence for the Mallorcan Monarchy, it later became a prison. 

Palma offers a wide variety of top-quality leather goods and footware, made by the factories in Inca. Browsing in shops run by registered dealers can bring to light interesting antiques. Local handicrafts and Mallorcan ceramicware are to be found in many stores and are worth buying, whether as souvenirs or gifts including pearls, hand-blown glass and pottery. Not forgetting the local gastronmy : soups,tumblet,frito mallorquin,spicy red sausage spread, calereta de langosta, fish croquettes, ensaimada (a fluffy bun), rubiols, ice cream with almonds etc. There are also excellent wines, cava and vermouth.

Population:   402,949 (2016)
Area: 208.63 km²

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